“Created for Comfort. Made for movement.”


Hand Created

Each garment is designed; pattern cut and machine-sewn with care, all by Laura herself. This means two garments are never exactly the same. The beauty of handmade, means that you are buying something unique made especially for you. So much Love and care has been put into your order from the start to the finish. Through Social media, Laura aims to show you an insight into the process behind the garments and all that inspires her in everyday life.



Designing and Pattern Cutting

Every garment starts of with a concept and ideas and through designing and pattern cutting, it is developed into one which fits well and looks great! Fabric sourcing, testing and toiling is all part of making sure the garments are made to a high standard and the design is just right. This can be the most challenging but rewarding part of the process. If it is a custom order, time and effort especially for you will be taken on this stage.




Your garment is then cut out. The paper or card pattern previously made or custom made for you in your size will be carefully pinned to the chosen fabric. All the pieces will be cut out with care to ensure that no fabric is wasted.




The next stage is putting your garment together. It really is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. The overlocking machine will be threaded up in the matching thread colour and all pieces will be overlocked together. This machine makes strong seams, perfect for stretch fabrics, allowing lots of movement. If there is any points or sharp lines they will be sewn on a normal sewing machine, so that the seams can be pressed flat, to make the points as sharp as possible.




If it is a leotard or leggings, once the garment is sewn together, the elastic will be measured and added on. This is usually on the waistband of leggings and the leg holes of leotards, but can depend on the style.




Now that the garment is all made up, the edges are all topstitched to give it a nice finished look. This is usually the neckline, sleeve hem, arm and leg holes and also includes folding down the elastic, so it is hidden.



Finishing Touches

Lastly any finishing touches are added. This could be a button or a popper or perhaps for custom styles, any decorative feature that will be added eg any gathers or hand stitching. LAURACATHERINE labels are sewn in to put our stamp on it! You will also find care labels inside your garment, to remind you of how to look after it.



Quality Checking

Each garment will be checked to ensure it has been made well. This includes cutting off any loose thread, checking all labels are sewn in and checking there are no faults in the fabric or sewing.




Last but not least, your order is packaged up to be sent in the post. It may just look like a standard brown paper package when you receive it but when opened you will find there is attention gone into putting your parcel together. The colours and detailing has all been created by handmakers to match the LAURACATHERINE branding.



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